Vale is a rustic small city that started out as a Foresting village to supply lumber to Nilhaus during its frequent expansions.  While most of the building for Nilhaus is now long done, the townspeople of vale have worked hard to survive and prosper.

They are best known for their specialty training schools, The Amber Blades, which specializes in training fighters (and particularly archers) and the Forest Brotherhood, a training school / guild for the training and advancement of Rangers and Forest scouts. 

The Forest Brotherhood has a contract with Nilhaus to train it's specialty forces, and the Amber Blades are most well known for the special form of fighting they teach, a combination of the stick forms of Escrima and the martial arts techniques taught to monks that  creates fighters that are extensions of their own weapons in a very real sense.

Besides training and employing recruits,  There are burgeoning business related to fine instrument and furniture making.  Their lack of iron-making facilities is their only lack, and there are scouts constantly on the lookout for promising metal deposits and metalsmiths to go with them.

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